Understanding Sea Survival Training – Spokane Events

What training is required? If you are thinking about taking up a position with a marine rescue group it is crucial to comprehend the kind of instruction you’ll need to go through. The trainees must practice the water in a survival suit packed with survival gear in order to feel the weight of gear. Also, they need to learn how to get in and out of life floating rafts, keeping a raft for an extended period of time, as well as setting off flares in order to understand the risks associated with them.

A majority of training sessions take places in a large swimming pool. It makes it possible to simulate diverse weather conditions from turbulent to calm waters. There is a jump platform where the students are asked to jump from it in their full kits. It is spacious enough to put a rescue boat into the water, and later generate waves. To simulate night rescue, trainers may close all blinds in the pool and turn to black. It’s a vital practice, since the pool at night, if it is cloudy and moonless night will completely black.

The embedded video gives additional information about the training required for survival on the sea.


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