How Profitable is a Tree Trimming Service? – Backyard Landscaping Concepts

Method is to bill an hourly fee for the services you provide. This is more popular for small operations or clients that need the trimming of only a handful of branches. Your business will provide the customer an hourly rate, and the customer is invoiced for the number of hours needed to finish the project.

There are companies that charge a certain percentage of the value of trees in exchange for service. This is a common strategy when dealing with large, valuable trees. You’ll assess the value of the tree before you give the client a quote based on a percentage of the tree’s value.

Additional income can be earned by selling wood from tree trimmings. When trees are cut to remove it from the service, you can make the wood available to a lumberyard or the wood processing plant.

In addition, the tree trimming firms may provide other services, for instance, stump grinding or tree removal in order to generate more in cash. This permits the tree trimming business to increase its range of services and increase its revenue by offering these additional services.


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