Try These Best Active Jobs That Pay Well to Stay Healthy at Work – Mens Health Workouts

A lot of jobs demand more physical exertion, for example, cleaning windows and floors, or mopping bathrooms. This kind of job is not just physically demanding, however, it also pays well. Salary for jobs within cleaning services range from $32,000 to $44,000 per year. The salary for these jobs could be higher depending on where they are located and who the employer is.

If you want to qualify for more lucrative jobs in janitorial services, you will need some prior experience or training in the field. It is also possible to go through a background check and work odd hours since it’s cleaning up offices after hours.

Construction worker

Another great job for staying active is a construction worker. Construction workers have to perform physical work such as digging and lifting, and carrying out different tasks. Construction workers generally earn up to $30 an hour or more , depending on their experience level. In this position, you can earn an average of $50,000 annually. However, you can earn higher depending on whether your company is privately owned.

Furthermore, having a specialty, such as roofing, makes an individual valuable as well as increases your earnings potential. Construction is a great option for a job that is well-paying and will allow you to start your own company.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is a great option for those who want to be active and still enjoy their artistic side. The field of civil engineering offers opportunities to build and design infrastructuresuch as bridges and roads. Additional professionals like well-drilling companies can also be found there along with civil engineers.

An average year-long salary for civil engineers is $80,000. Average salaries in the field of civil engineering is around $80,000 annually However, those with the experience or expertise might earn much higher. Being an engineer is highly competitive, but well worth the education and expertise.

Appliance Repair Specialist

There are many successful firms such as Viking Repair Pros that offer repairs to appliances. Working as an appliance repa


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